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Soil analysis is an effective tool that every producer should consider to control costs, maximize returns, and protect the environment. Soil pH is one of the most critical factors that affect soil fertility. The best way to determine the lime and fertilizer needs of your soil is to have it tested. If you do not know the present fertility level of the soil in a field, your application rates of lime and fertilizer materials are likely to be inaccurate. Application rates of lime and fertilizer materials should consider the current soil fertility level, past cropping and soil management practices, and the crop you will grow. Combining soil, sap, and fertigation testing minimizes potential for plant damage, reduces water pollution potential, and can save money.


pH | Phosphorus (P) | Potassium (K) | Calcium (Ca) | Aluminum (Al) | Magnesium (Mg) | Sulfur (S) | Zinc (Zn) | Manganese (Mn) | Iron (Fe) | Copper (Cu) | Boron (B) | Organic Matter Cation Exchange

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