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Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture, Stability, & Growth

The objective of sustainable agriculture is to produce a maximum output without causing any damage to the environment in the long run. This objective should position us to grow all the food, clothing, and other products we need without affecting the future generation's ability to do the same. The scientists at NAL are proficient in determining the capability of a field to optimize input and maximize output while practicing sustainable agriculture. 
It is necessary to understand that different agricultural products require different levels of time investment in sustainability. For instance, the investment needed for growing apples and blueberries is longer than corn due to their higher market value per acre, longer shelf life, and increasing consumer demand for nutritious and diverse fruit options. The level of investment required for a particular crop directly impacts the soil's health and is a crucial aspect of sustainability.

Cover Crops

Cover crops can be a crucial tool for any farmer practicing sustainable agriculture. It's necessary to understand what your cash crops require to maintain healthy soil and improve crop productivity. Here's where NEW AGE comes in with their soil and sap testing services. By analyzing the sap and soil of your crops, you can make more informed decisions about the best cover crop options for your farm.

Soil Nutrient Management

One of the main objectives of the New Age Agriculture Lab is to collaborate with farmers to maintain healthy and productive soil. Soil deficiency adversely affects crops and their yields, harming the ecosystem that supports our agriculture. Sustainable soil management is essential for the future of agriculture, and New Age is here to assist!

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