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Regional Distributors

Join our exclusive plant sap analysis distributor program. Enjoy exclusive regional rights, comprehensive training, ongoing technical and sales support, and free online workshops. Benefit from coordinated marketing efforts, collaborative campaigns, and brand support to boost market presence. Network with industry stakeholders, explore cross-promotion opportunities, and tailor solutions to meet regional and industry-specific needs. Join us in spreading the knowledge and reach of plant sap analysis.

Rocky Mountain Ag logo, NEW AGE distributor
Integrated Ag Solutions logo, NEW AGE distributor
Nutrien logo, NEW AGE distributor
Penny Newman logo, NEW AGE distributor
Bio Ag Management logo, NEW AGE distributor
Royal Brinkman logo, NEW AGE distributor
Soil Health Lab logo, NEW AGE distributor
Soil Mender logo, NEW AGE distributor
Soil Basic logo, NEW AGE distributor

Our partnerships with distributors empowers farmers in their region with access to cutting-edge plant sap analysis and expertise. These relationships enable farmers to make data-driven decisions for optimal crop management thanks to the distributors in their backyard. With limited competition our distributors can focus on providing personalized support and tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Through in-depth training, ongoing technical support, and free education, distributors are ready to help farmers harness the full potential of sap analysis to optimize nutrient management, pest control and overall crop health. In addition, networking opportunities and collaborative projects facilitated by distributors allow their clients and community farmers to connect with industry experts and peers. This fosters knowledge sharing and innovation in agricultural practices tailored to their region's unique conditions. Overall, the partnership between farmers and distributors leads to the widespread adoption of sap analyses, which results in improved crop yields, reduced input costs and sustainable farming practices for long-term success.

Interested in becoming a distributor in your region? Contact us to find out how. Don't wait spots are limited!

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