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Nutrient Analysis

At NEW AGE labs, we don't just keep your food products safe; we also work towards improving their quality. Quality finished products need to be safe but also nutritious and tasty. To ensure this, we conduct various tests such as protein tests, metal tests, acidity tests, and more. We then combine our nutrient analysis with our shelf life research to provide shelf life studies that help track the quality of your food over time.

Protein Testing

Meat is one of the most consumed food products in the country and is a staple source of protein in many diets. As a member of the Michigan Meat Association, NEWAGE ensures the highest quality meats. We provide protein testing to break down the nutritional crude protein levels in meats, meat products, and house pet food. In addition to protein, our lab can verify your dried meat products are not holding excess moisture.
We don't stop at finished products. Quality meat comes from healthy animals, and we want to help raise the most healthy livestock. Combining our agricultural and food safety expertise, we track the nutrients in your livestock fodder and silage through
feed and forage testing.

Shelf-Life Studies

Discovering the nutritional quality of the food we consume is quite insightful. However, many foods sit on the shelves of stores and pantries for weeks or even months, and even preserved and packaged food doesn't last forever. But at NEWAGE food labs, we can help you track the quality of your products over their shelf life by iterating our nutrient analyses. We can also combine this with our shelf life safety testing to keep track of foodborne threats that may arise in your products.
Nutritional information is helpful when gauging food quality, but it's not the only factor that matters. After all, the food we eat must also be appealing to our senses. So, to consolidate your food testing needs, our lab can conduct preferential studies on desirability parameters such as taste, color, aroma, and more. By correlating this data with your nutrient analyses, we can provide you with as much insight into your food quality as possible.

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