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Why Outsource?

Quick Turnaround Times!

At NEWAGE Laboratories, food safety is a top priority. We offer a comprehensive analytical testing service that simplifies outsourcing for all your testing requirements. Our laboratory is committed to providing quick turnaround times, analytical accuracy, and client satisfaction. That's why NEW AGE Food Safety Laboratory is a trusted resource for food safety testing.

Flexible & Adaptive To Outsource With

Our microbiologists and personnel at NAL have the experience and expertise to follow U.S. EPA-regulated methods and federal laws while working on-site. Before beginning each project, we ensure that geography-based specifications and regulations are discussed and specified. When you choose to outsource with NEWAGE Laboratories, you can trust that we make growing your business easy. We are always available and willing to attain new certifications and adapt to specific regulations as required for unique projects.

Is Outsourcing Right For Your Company?

        Variability in sample flow, such as seasonal changes.

        Wide range of products, ingredients, and tests to perform.

     Occasionally require capital-intensive tests, such as high-pressure liquid chromatography.

    Location convenient for an outside lab.

       Require pathogen testing for your products, environmental factors, or ingredients.

     Manage multiple internal labs with a small central staff.

     Struggling to find, motivate, and retain qualified lab personnel.

     Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with your internal lab's performance.

     Customers who require an outside lab for certificates of analysis.

     Uncertain business plans, such as possible downsizing or plant consolidations.

      Lack confidence in the quality of your internal lab's test results.


If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, outsourcing your analytical testing program may be the right choice for your company. Contact NAL to learn more about how we can assist you.

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