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Cow Eye

Livestock Feed

Just as you might ensure your plants receive adequate nutrition, NEW AGE can also test the feed for your animals. We understand you want to keep your livestock healthy without breaking the bank, making it crucial to understand what is in their forage and feed. Using the same equipment and techniques that we utilize for our food safety testing, we can analyze what goes into the food of your livestock.

Image by Patrick Hendry

Maintaining appropriate moisture content in your feed, dried or high moisture, is necessary for safe storage. Our moisture tests can help you confirm the quality of your feed or guide you back on a safe track if it falls short.

Image by Dan Cristian Pădureț

When assessing the value of forage fodder, the amount of protein it contains is a crucial factor to consider for the well-being of your livestock. At NEW AGE, we can analyze your hay, silage, or any other forage material to determine the total crude protein, which will help you make informed decisions about your animal's diet.

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Animals are generally less sensitive to pH levels than plants, but mishandling pH levels in livestock can have severe consequences. Cows are particularly vulnerable to acidic diets, which can cause acidosis at pH levels of 5.5 or lower. This condition is related to poor diet and can be fatal.

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