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Food Safety - Water

Water is the most abundant and essential food we consume. Therefore, the water we use must be safe for consumption. At NEWAGE, we specialize in ensuring the safety of irrigation and drinking water. Ensuring water safety isn't limited to these. The water we use to clean our counters, wash our hands, and sanitize our equipment should also be safe. Do not only test water as a food source but also as an environmental factor in food processing sites.


Testing for water phase salt (WPS) is essential for ensuring that water used in food processing meets quality standards and does not contribute to microbial growth or contamination. Elevated levels of WPS can indicate excessive salt content, which may affect the taste, texture, and safety of food products. Regular monitoring and testing for WPS in food safety water help identify and mitigate potential risks associated with salt concentrations, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and safeguarding the quality and safety of food products. By maintaining appropriate levels of WPS in food safety water, food processors can minimize the risk of microbial contamination and maintain the integrity of their products, thereby protecting public health and consumer confidence in food safety practices

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