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NEW AGE History 

"Science You Can Use, Partners You Can Trust"

Established in 1998, NEW AGE Laboratories began its journey with a mission to pioneer environmental solutions for prestigious clients such as the Department of Defense and NASA. The company's early focus on environmental jobs laid the foundation for a legacy rooted in scientific innovation, extreme quality control assurance, and a commitment to global betterment.


As the agricultural landscape evolved, the company witnessed the pressing need for enhanced crop quality, yield, and Return on Investment for farmers worldwide. In response, the company transitioned its expertise towards agriculture, becoming the leading laboratory in North America to offer sap analysis. The company's commitment to providing farmers with the tools to optimize crop health and productivity became its driving force, and it expanded its services further into the realms of food safety.


Today, NEW AGE Laboratories stands at the intersection of cutting-edge science and agricultural excellence. Its journey has been one with continuous growth, adaptation, and a steadfast commitment to delivering solutions from seed to sale. The company takes pride in safeguarding the entire agricultural process, ensuring that every stage contributes to the creation of produce/food products that are not only exceptional but also safe for consumers around the globe.


As the company looks back on its trajectory, it remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of scientific innovation. NEW AGE Laboratories is not just a laboratory; its a steward of progress, fostering a future where agriculture meets the highest standards of quality, sustainability, and safety. NEW AGE Laboratories invites you to join in this journey as it cultivates excellence from the ground up.


NEW AGE Laboratories goal is to provide solutions. To provide exceptional data in an organized manner that leads to epiphany moments of unique clarity that lead to actionable management decisions.


"To provide analytical data with insight, logic, and trust to elevate agricultural and food production."

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