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Plant Tissue Testing

Plant tissue analysis measures concentrations of most essential plant nutrients in leaf tissue. It is an indicator of plant nutritional health and an excellent basis for diagnosing whether existing problems are nutritional in nature. Plant tissue testing is a diagnostic analysis at NEW AGE Laboratories, second to sap analysis as the routine analysis. 

Combine Soil & Tissue Testing

For optimal plant nutrition management, we recommend combining soil and sap testing to gain a comprehensive understanding of plant nutrient uptake dynamics, enabling more precise adjustments to fertilizer application based on real-time plant and soil nutrient statuses. However, combining soil and tissue tests can get a good idea of the nutrients a plant has absorbed over the season and the ones that are still available to be taken up by the roots. This ability can help you make better decisions in terms of crop amendments.

Sap Analysis vs Dry Tissue Analysis_edit

Tissue Analysis

Nitrogen (N) | Calcium (Ca) | Magnesium (Mg) | Potassium (K) | Sodium (Na) | Iron (Fe) | Boron (B) | Phosphorus (P) | Copper (Cu) | Manganese (Mn) | Zinc (Zn) | Sulfur (S) Aluminum (Al)

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